Experience - R&D Project Management

Acquired > 40 years experience in proposing, planning, performing and reporting on R&D on complex information systems

Formed and managed teams as large as 48 researchers in technical, project and line management roles

Founded and managed the Autonomous Systems Branch at the Naval Ocean Systems Center (NOSC), Robot Intelligence International and Zetetix

Created advanced technology concepts and developed markets for them producing ~ $44M in revenue

Approximate Revenue Generated from R&D Projects Developed and Marketed
Project Sponsor Project Lifetime (yrs) Total Funding ($)
Software Verification & Validation VBA 4 16M
Synthetic Commander DARPA 5 11M
Intelligent Welding Workcell NAVSEA 3 5M
Advanced Techniques for Simulation Validation DMSO 14+ 4.5M
Autonomous Mobile Robot USMC 6 4M
Analysis of Fuel-Fed Automobile Fires GM 1 1M
Intelligent Synthetic Forces Hughes IR&D 2 750K
Terrorist Behavior Simulation DARPA 3 500K
Source Code Quality Measurement VBA 4 340K
Hazardous Road Condition Sensor GM IR&D 2 250K
Distributed Computer Intrusion Detection Hughes IR&D 2 200K
Object-Oriented System Engineering Techniques Hughes IR&D 2 150K
Interoperability Analysis DARPA 2 100K
Physical Security Automation DNA 1 75K
Information Physics for Information Assurance DARPA 1 50K


R&D Business Development

R&D Project Management

Staffing and Project Lifetimes for the R&D Projects Managed
Project Goals Staffing (people) Project Lifetime (yrs)
Construct and demonstrate intelligent synthetic forces 5 5
Develop new software & simulation development standards 6 4
Convert an armored vehicle to an autonomous ground robot 8 6
Develop an integrated planning and perception system for cooperating autonomous vehicles 7 3
Integrate expert systems with an automated welding workcell 6 3
Design and implement a teleoperated vehicle computing system 4 2
Develop technology to prevent fatalities from fuel-fed vehicle fires 8 1
Develop, test and demonstrate a hazardous road condition sensor 3 2
Assess the capabilities of object-oriented systems engineering techniques 2 2
Measure and analyze the behavior of semi-automated forces for SIMNET 2 2
Analyze the application of robotics to military tasks 1.5 2
Implement an agent-based computer intrusion detection system 2 1
Analyze the application of robotics to NWSS 2 1