Experience - Robotics and Autonomous Systems

19 years experience in designing, implementing and demonstrating autonomous systems; began designing and building autonomous systems for military operations and planetary exploration in 1977

Developed and executed techniques for constructing robots and autonomous systems including sensing and situation awareness, planning and control, communications and coordination, and architectures and applied these techniques to an autonomous ground surveillance robot, an integrated flexible welding system, a planetary rover, a semi-autonomous simulation of military forces, and a semi-automated military commander

Conducted surveys and coordinated workshops on robotics, mobile robots and robot architectures

This experience in complex system modeling and simulation can be organized into the following technical areas:

The following sections provide more detailed information about the experience in these areas along with citations for the technical publications produced.

Sensing & Situation Awareness

Planning & Control

Communications & Coordination


Ground Surveillance Robot

Integrated Flexible Welding System

Planetary Rover

Military Robotics

Mobile Robots & Autonomous Vehicles

Robotics Surveys & Workshops