Experience - Complex System Modeling and Simulation

40 years experience building and applying phenomenological models and computer simulations using mathematical techniques from irreversible thermodynamics, stochastic differential equations, causal modeling, probability networks and discrete mathematics to design and build models and simulations of a planaria neural system, silicon solar cells under high illumination, torpedo countermeasures, military command decision making, military command and control (C2) systems, information warfare, combat robots, semi-automated forces, human behavior, large scale organizations, information system phenomenology, military operations, distributed simulation interoperability, and the human brain.

Developed objective and repeatable techniques for constructing simulation referents from subject matter expert opinions using survey research techniques, defining simulation fidelity, assessing distributed simulation interoperability, constructing distributed simulation executions, and composing distributed simulations from representational components.

This experience in complex system modeling and simulation can be organized into the following technical areas:

The following sections provide more detailed information about the experience in these areas along with citations for the technical publications produced.

Solar Cell Charge Transport

Torpedo Countermeasures

Military Command & Control

Information Warfare

Semi-Automated Forces

Human Behavior

Information System Phenomena

Military Operations

Distributed Information System Interoperability

Distributed Simulation Composition

Simulation Science